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Easy as 123

izikub 1

Choose an instrument

izikub 2

Create a musical sequence

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Listen to the harmonious result

A playful, educational and creative toy

Discover music without difficult instruments

Learn through play

Compose music easily and intuitively

Composition reprenant les 4 modes d'izikub

izikub follows your child's progresses, for a long-term use, thanks to its 4 different uses

Music discovery
Backing tracks and songwriting

"If your child decides to take music lessons, fundamentals concepts will already be familiar to him"

Photo d'izikub avec un enfant jouant de la guitare
Guitare émettant des notes

Music learning as easy and intuitive as a construction toy

izikub is really easy and intuitive to use, and doesn’t require any special dexterity or music knowledge. With izikub, your child discovers music basis et learn to express his creativity.

Cubes d'izikub sur table
2 coccinelles et une fleur
Animation avec 2 enfants heureux de faire de l'éveil musical

1 cube, thousands of songs!

izikub’s basic cube has the 4 “magical” chords that we find in most nursery rhymes and popular song (C, F, G and A minor).

With this simple cube, thousands of nursery rhymes and songs can be made!

Additional packs of cubes are available, to follow your child progresses.

Main avec un cube

Stand-alone, or connected

izikub works in stand-alone mode, or connected to a mobile device

izikub has been conceived with no screen for younger children.

The screen becomes necessary for advanced modes, but it is simple and without distractions.

Photo d'izikub avec une tablette
Previous design

Manipulation and creativity

izikub prompts manipulation and creativity, two essentials components of your child cognitive development.

With izikub, your child:

  • Discovers sounds and instruments
  • Develops his interest for music
  • Reproduces songs or creates his own
  • Learns the basics of music (ear training, rhythm, harmony)
Trompette émettant des notes de musique